Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remembering loved ones

Sitting and thinking of loved ones is something that most people do at some point. Remembering those that are no longer with us is something that is important. A person may not be physically here any longer but they are here in a different way.

A person is in our hearts and in our memories and that is what is very important. As I write this I am thinking about my own father who is no longer with us but he is still in my heart. My father died when I was just a child so I don't have memories of doing things with him but I have memories of hearing people talk about him. My father is someone I would have loved to get to know but I just didn't have a chance to do that. I keep a picture of him with me and I know that he is watching over me.

One thing that is very wonderful now is looking at my nephew and seeing my father in him. Both my nephew and I look like my father and I am very proud of that. Yes, growing up I didn't like being recognized as my father's daughter because I didn't get to know him. Now, I am very proud that I look like him and I always say that when someone asks who I take after. Seeing that my nephew looks like my father makes me happy because there is a person living that looks like those pictures I have seen of my father as a young adult.

We all have people that we remember and they don't have to be blood relations to be that loved one we think about. For me, I have people that I remember because of how they touched my life and helped me become who I am now. It's important to sometimes to just sit and think about these people because it helps you see who you became and why.

Some of my favourite memories include people that are no longer here with us. Remembering a smile, a kind word or a hug helps get us through those touch times. A person leaves their little footprint on each of us and each of us will remember the same person differently.

Take time to create memories with people that are important to you because the memories will last.

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