Monday, November 16, 2015


Recently I had the opportunity to do a one day contract and it was a very different experience. The work I did was interesting in some ways but it also was a very long day but that isn't want bothered me. The interesting thing about the day was how some of the other people that were also working handled it.

Now what the job involved wasn't very difficult so that is nice but it was the working with the various people that made the day a challenge in some ways. When we all signed up to work we were told it was going to be a very long day and parts of it could be very slow and other parts of it would be extremely busy. We were also told that after a given time we may be able to leave quickly or we might have to stay for a while and help with various tasks. I went into the day knowing that I wasn't sure what time I would be leaving but I would try my best to see how quickly I could complete the various tasks so that I could leave.

One of the people that I was working with found out that she really wasn't cut out for the position that she was doing and she made sure that a bunch of us heard about it. She got frustrated with people and was very vocal about it which didn't help some of us. She also figured that at the given time she was going to be able to leave without doing any of the clean up that we were told was going to be part of our jobs. I ended up having to work with her on some of the clean up and she tried everything to get out of doing anything because she wanted to go home. My attitude was if we can get the things done we would be heading home quickly.

For me it was a different type of work and yes the day was long but at least once all the clean up was done I was quickly thanks and told I was able to leave. Now, the girl that had done all the complaining and didn't want to help clean up ended up having to stay longer than me. The supervisor found a task that someone had to do and I think because of all her complaining and not working she got the task.

The job that I did was work for Election Canada on Election Day and yes it was a different experience. If you went in with the right attitude it wasn't bad and I am glad that I did it.

I hope the girl found out that if you do your job that you said you would do and didn't complain that things would be a lot easier. A smile goes a long way to making a job a little pleasant and not letting all the little things get you down.

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