Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Sit and watch children and see how simple things can be.

Sit and watch a child see birds eating near them. A child can be so happy seeing birds eating bread close to where they are standing. Watching the face of that child is always so much fun when they see the birds approaching and grabbing the food.

A child can make eating a meal a different experience. A child can make simple noodles seem so interesting. The challenge of picking up the slippery noodle can be fun to watch.

Rain. Look at the face of children when it rains. Rain can be so much fun for children, be it splashing in the puddles or catching rain drops on their tongues. It is fun to just watch.

Laughter. Listen to a child laugh and so often it will make you smile or laugh as well. A child can see something simple which makes them laugh. Take a minute to see something through their eyes and you will see things so differently.

Spend a bit of time looking at the world from a child's view. You may be so surprised at how simple things can be so much fun. A child sees things without a bias and sometimes that is what we adults need to do.

A child helps us see things differently. It doesn't matter our age, we all need that time to stop and be a child for even a few minutes. Take the time to be a child for a few minutes, you may be surprised how good you feel.

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