Thursday, December 3, 2015


People say that writing comes easy but I don't agree with that.

Writing is something that most people have to work on to see results. For me writing isn't something that just happens each day. I have had to work on making sure that I can get words down a bit at a time. There are days when the blank page stays blank for a while as I cannot find the words to go onto it.

Of course like most people that write there are days when writing just happens and I am very thankful for those days. I don't get upset when the writing isn't as good as I would like because I know that there will be another day when everything just works.

If you were to talk to an author you would probably hear that they have challenges writing some times as well. For authors, we only see the finished piece of work not all the words that have been written and rewritten until the correct words end up in the story. Being able to express your thoughts even if it is to yourself helps get the writing to a higher standard a bit at a time.

Writing for me has become something that I do most days. I don't write a blog everyday because there are days when I can't express myself like that but at least I write something down to keep up my writing. I also have days when I can write a couple of blogs without an effort but those days are rare.

The only way to write is to actually sit down and put words onto paper. No one has to see what you write as the rough draft other than yourself. Being able to at least get thoughts down on paper or screen is a start and then you can go from there.

Writing isn't easy and you should never be jealous of what you see someone else write. Everyone writes differently but remember you can only say you write if you really write.

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