Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hiding from the world

Having the opportunity to hide from the daily routine can make such a difference.

There are times when you have lots to do that you need a break from the everyday routine. It can be as simple as just putting your mobile device to silent mood for a bit of time. Another way to have a break is take a bit of time to do something different. Changing your routine even a little bit can make such a difference. A simple thing like going somewhere different for a coffee can help.

A mobile device can help you escape but it might be something you need to hide from as well. With the world today we never really seem to be disconnected from email or work. The ability to check in with work at any time can come in handy. The downside of always being connected means people expect you to be available at all times. To take breaks away from all the demands is very important.

Knowing how to take the time to hide from the world is very important. The idea of hiding from the world even for small bits of time is important. Everyone needs the break every once in a while.

How you hide is up to you but remember you need to take that time. The world is still going to keep going without you. People may have to wait a few extra minutes for that reply but the break is needed. Hiding from the world is good for all of us.

My escape is now over but I enjoyed a cup of tea and avoided checking emails for half an hour. The world kept going and no one really missed me while I took a hit of time to hide.

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