Monday, January 18, 2016

Construction cranes

Look around and see how many construction cranes that you see.

It is amazing how many construction cranes you can see on many given day and you don't have to go very far at all to see them. Out our window at home we can currently see one crane close and then there are a few more in the distance which we can also see.

When you drive in downtown Toronto there seems to be construction cranes every where that you look. Some of the cranes are for new office buildings but most of them are for the new condominiums that are being built in the core of the city. It is interesting to realize how many people want to live within a walking distance to their office. In a lot of ways it would be nice to be able to walk to work but then we are sometimes a little too close to the office which is something that I won't want.

The construction cranes that we are also seeing around Toronto are for the new transit stations and new transit lines that are being constructed. Of course, the construction of these new lines means that the roads are congested but hopefully the new transit lines will improve some of the ways of getting around the city. So many people have to drive to get to where they are going because currently transit takes way too long to get you to your destination.

When you are in downtown Toronto next time look around and see all the difference construction cranes that have appeared. I know that the last time we were downtown I was surprised at the number of cranes that I saw. The interesting thing about some of the new buildings that are being built are the width of them compared to the height. The buildings seem to be a lot narrower but higher now because of the cost of the property. The buildings also don't have a lot of ground around them now as they seem to be packing the buildings closer and closer together.

The cranes are around the city for a reason and for some of us it means some congestion getting around and to others it could be their new home. Look around and see the cranes that you notice on a daily basis, are some for transit? Hopefully these cranes will soon be gone and the congestion will go away for a while.

Construction cranes do mean jobs for a lot of people so that is one of the big positives. A bit of congestion may not be so bad knowing at others have jobs.

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