Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dealing with emotions

So many of us hide a lot of our feelings because that is our upbringing.

Many of us have been brought up to show the world that we are strong individuals and are normally happy and upbeat no matter what life throws at us. I know this because that has been me for so long and it has been a difficult thing to deal with. Yes, putting that smile on your face and letting the world think that there isn't anything bothering you.

For years, I was a girl that didn't let anyone know when I was having a rough day. Everyone thought that I could handle anything and nothing really got me down. What people didn't see was I was someone that hide my own emotions and let the world think I am able to handle anything. The truth is I hide what my feelings were and dealt with them privately not letting anyone see when I was having that rough day. I was that person that was also there to listen to someone else when they were having a rough time. Now, I am the person that sometimes needs to be listened to because I am not having a good time.

There are still times when I plaster that smile on my face so I don't have to talk about what is bothering me. Some of my friends can see through that smile now and I normally do open up to them when I can. It has been a challenge for me to learn that I can show when things are going well as well as when things aren't going so well. It has been something that has meant some really interesting discussions with friends.

Yes, everyone thought that I didn't let anything bother me but now they have found out that I am just like them. Things do bother me and I do get down about things and finally I am showing that side of me.

Hiding behind a smile isn't something that is always good. Be true to yourself and it will make things so much easier. Emotions can sometimes get in the way of accomplishing something so having some good friends to talk things over with means you can accomplish a lot more.

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