Monday, February 22, 2016

Dealing with emergency vehicles

How many people don't really understand how to deal with emergency vehicles?

I am writing this after watching some drivers forget about the common sense when dealing with emergency vehicles. There are times you can drive around them and then there are the times when it isn't something that you should be doing.

What I am talking about is when a fire truck is dealing with a fire and there are hoses on the roadway. No you are not to drive over the hoses because they are in your way. I have seen cars just drive over the fire hoses because the driver felt that they had the right to do this as the hose was in their way. The hose is out to assist in fighting a fire and driving it can cause a lot of issues. The other thing I have seen is when police are blocking the road and cars will drive around or between the police cars so they can continue on the route that they wanted to do. Yes, people do think the police car is just in the way for most people and not for them.

The emergency vehicles block the road when they have to and not because they enjoy doing it. The normal reason is because the fire is big and needs the extra fire fighters to help put it out. The vehicles on the roads are also meaning that the fire fighters are a little more at risk themselves due to other drivers not really thinking about the issues.

It is understandable that some people only know one route to get to place but then it is blocked it is time to figure out a new route. If you are someone that only knows one way to get most places maybe it is time for you to figure out a couple of other routes to the same spots. You never want to see a street blocked with emergency vehicles but it does happen.

When you see an emergency vehicle blocking the road remember they are there for a reason and it may be an inconvenience to go a different route but you are going to have to. Don't try and drive around a police vehicle that is blocking the road because you don't want to put yourself or the emergency responders at unnecessary risk.

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