Thursday, February 25, 2016


Renovations can impact people in so many different ways and some are easier to handle than others. Recently we have been exposed to two different renovations and both of them are impacting us in different ways which is interesting.

Renovation #1 – New windows and siding on our apartment building

This renovation is a three year project that is going to be effecting us both directly and indirectly. See all the units will be getting new windows within the next three years if everything remains on schedule.

The indirect impact on us is when they are working on the outside of the building and attaching new isolation and siding. This involves the pounding onto the side of the building when they are securing the isolation. Our building is a concrete building so yes the pounding does carry through the building so it isn't just when they are near you do you get impacted. Currently we can hear when they are working on the other side of the building, so I wonder what it is going to be like when they are on our side of the building.

The direct impact is going to be when they change all the windows in our unit. Of course this means that we will have to deal with open areas as they replace each of the windows and this may also mean people having to come into our unit to work on the windows as they are installed.

Renovation #2 – Main floor and concourse renovation near our executive office

Renovation #2 impacts us more indirectly than anything but again it does impact us when we are in our executive office. What has been happening over the last little bit is that most of the stores in our lower levels have been closing and relocating for the renovation. Some stores relocated and some stores just closed so it does impact business owners as well. The impact to us is a change in how we actually get into our executive office during the renovation of the concourse level.

This second renovation is suppose to take 6 – 12 months to complete but we will see how long it really takes to do. The other impact to a lot of us is that most of the food type tenants have closed so there aren't as many choices for lunch. Hopefully after all the renovation is said and done we will get some more options for lunch because currently there is one coffee shop and a grocery store as lunch options within our complex. Of course, there are other options outside and within walking distance but it is nice to have something where you don't have to get all bundled up just to go and grab a bit of food.

Renovations in general

The impact of any renovation will really depend on what type of renovation is occurring. Some renovations don't impact people at all while other renovations can have a major impact. The outcome of any renovation is for the better but it is how you handle the actual time that can make a big difference. For us, renovation #1 means that we do more of our work away from the home office when they are doing the pounding. Renovation #2 means that we will either be bringing more lunches or bundling up to grab something from outside of our complex.

Renovations do impact people no matter what so you just have to be prepared for some of the inconveniences for the time being.

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