Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Changing up a general routine

We all have routines that sometimes need to be changed up. It is very important to understand that routines are what is needed to get things done most of the time. There are also times when the routine needs to be changed just a bit to be more effective.

The changing of a routine can just be as simple as the order you do things in. The bigger changes can be how you do the specific routine. It is always important to understand why you do something a specific way. It could be the only way something works or it could be just the way you found it works best for you. If you are going to change a process you need to think about why it is done a specific way.

In so many cases just changing your routine a little bit can make a huge difference. There are times that changing the order you do something can make you feel so much better. There are times that just changing the order of how you do things will make you so much happier. Being flexible in your routine also makes it work a lot better. If you always do things one way try doing them in a different order and see how that feels.

There will be things that you can change and things you can't change but at least making little changes may help you. Of course in the morning you can't change some of the order how you do things but you can maybe add some variety. If you always go to a specific spot on the way to work to grab a coffee, try some place different for a change. Maybe instead of grabbing a coffee once you are close to work try taking one from home and see how that works. These are changes you can do every once in a while and they can make you feel a lot better.

Small changes in a routine can really help you when a routine is just getting too boring. Knowing that the little changes can make a difference will also mean that when you need to make a larger change in your routine it won't feel so big. Remember routines are personal and not everyone does the same things in the same order. Try some small changes and see how you feel, you may go back to your routine but at least you have tried to change it up a bit.

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