Thursday, March 24, 2016


Me - taking polar bear pictures
I love taking pictures and of course that means that there are times when I will spend hours just enjoying something and that is what makes me happier. With me taking pictures it also means that I am fair game for having my picture taken as well. Sometimes I can get myself into some very odd positions to get just that perfect shot but I enjoy doing that. My husband enjoys trying to capture me in those positions.

I have been able to spend some time taking various types of pictures and looking back at them brings back some wonderful memories. Of course, there are other photos that can say so much just by looking at it. There are some things that I love taking pictures of, and those are polar bears and The Snowbirds. In both cases I can take hundreds of pictures to ensure that I can capture just that right one and that makes me happy.

Hudson as a baby - Toronto Zoo
One place where I have enjoyed taking pictures is at The Toronto Zoo especially where I can sit and watch the feeding of the polar bears. We were lucky at one point when one of the new baby polar bears was on display and I got a chance to sit and watch it for a while. Of course, that meant quite a few photos of the baby.

Inukshuk - Toronto Zoo
Besides The Toronto Zoo another place I enjoy taking pictures is at The Toronto International Air Show. The Snowbirds are normally the last planes in the show and I have enjoyed in the past sitting out near Pearson International Airport and taking pictures of the Snowbirds taking off and landing. This is such a nice experience because you get to see them a lot closer than when you are sitting down near Lake Ontario to watch the show.

Snowbirds - Toronto International Air Show
Taking pictures for me is so much fun as when I look at the pictures later it brings back to many nice memories. Pictures can tell so much of a story when you look at them. A picture can show some of your travels, people you have met or even things that you have seen in our own area. Pictures are a window to a world and they can help you see what sometimes others see that you don't see at a given time.

Photography for me is something that I do for pleasure most of the time. I do use my photography skills for some of the charity events that I am involved in with work and that also helps show some of the activities that the charity does to assist with their fundraising. Photography is so much easier with the digital cameras as you can take so many more photos and not have to worry about running out of film (glad to be free of that old limit of 24 or 36 shots). Now the biggest concern is making sure your memory card is big enough and the batteries for the camera are charged.

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