Thursday, March 31, 2016


So many people are now using headphones to listen to music on their commutes to and from work.

I have noticed that some people figure that even with the headphones on, everyone around them needs to hear what they are listening to. It is amazing how loud the music sounds even through the headphones so I wonder how loud it is for the person wearing them. On our transit there is a policy that you are to listen to music at a volume that only you can hear it. The problem with this is there is no way for a person to know their music is too loud unless someone tells them.

For me, my headphones are very important when I am at the gym, as I listen to music when I exercise. I also use my headphones when I am trying to focus on some writing. There are even times when I have my headphones on when I just want to escape all the other sounds that are going on around me. My headphones are wonderful because they help me escape from everything else that is happening and all the various sounds that you hear on a daily basis.

I have three different pairs of headphones but two of them have one thing in common and that is they are noise cancelling headphones. I don't use the noise cancelling headphones when I am at the gym but otherwise I use them to help me block out the other sounds around me. The noise cancelling headphones that I have make it that I can focus on just hearing what I want to listen to and not everything else. My headphones have also been used when I just want to block out the sounds around me and I will sit with them on without listening to anything. It is such a nice feeling when you can just sit and not have all the daily sounds around you.

My headphones are also a means of helping me deal with hearing too much. I have extremely good hearing so there are times when all the high pitched sounds start to get to me and my headphones help me deal with those sounds. The headphones also come in very handy when I start to feel like I am just hearing too many sounds. Being able to focus on hearing what you want to hear is such a good feeling especially in the world today when we deal with just too many sounds around us on a daily basis.

With my hearing, I have been teased that I really can't hear the high pitched sounds but I have proven more than once that I can hear the sounds that most other people can't. Imagine being in a store and being able to hear the alarm system that sends out a signal ever few seconds, that is what I deal with in some stores. Thank goodness the alarm systems have gotten better over the years and there aren't as many stores that I have to avoid now, I just have to limit my time in some stores.

Headphones can sure make a big difference in how I handle different things in my life. I have learned that making sure I always have a pair of my noise cancelling headphones close by, can make my life so much easy. Knowing that I can escape into my little world for even a few minutes can mean that I can face the rest of the world a lot easier.

So, next time you see someone quietly listening to something and you can't hear anything maybe they aren't really listening to anything other than quiet. Headphones are great, but if you are one of those that needs to play your music extra loud, please remember, that not everything wants to hear what you like listening to.

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