Monday, May 9, 2016

Being me

Have you ever had someone tell you that you shouldn't be who you are?

That is something that I think all of us have had happen to us. Maybe we aren't what the other person expected or they want us to be like them. Being yourself is very important because everyone is different and have their own goals and what makes them happy.

Being me, is very important because that is what makes me happy and what keeps me going each day. I am not saying just thinking of yourself, I am saying that we need to ensure that we are happy as well. If I were to change to make someone else happy then I wouldn't be true to myself and I would just be trying to make that other person happy. Of course, you can be a blend of things but knowing that you are doing what makes you happy is important as well. There are times that you may not be happy with everything you do because there are things you need to do to make others happy but you do need to ensure that you put yourself at least someone in the middle of the batch of people and not always at the bottom.

There were times that I thought that making everyone else happy was what was important. This meant that I put everyone else ahead of me no matter what. I would give up things that I wanted to do or even things I wanted to ensure that someone else was happy. What I discovered that the only way to make others happy is to make sure that I am happy as well. There are people that no matter what you do will not be happy with what you do.

I have now found the blend of making sure that I am happy and I can also make others happy as well. This blend means that I am making sure that I do things that make me happy and sometimes someone else is going to have to wait just a bit before I can do something for them.

Being me is very important because now I am happy and I know that I am making others happy as well and the balance is correct.

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