Thursday, May 12, 2016

Volume consideration

There are times that people should really think of other people around them.

In the office environment what needs to be considered is how loud you talk and who else is around you. It is amazing how some people can talk at a high volume all the time but when you talk a little louder on occasion they give you the dirty look. If you are going to get upset with someone else about the volume they are talking, you first need to ensure that you are being considerate of others.

What is amazing is where we have our executive office. There is one group that have more than one office and they find it fine to talk between offices and out in the hall. It is sometimes extremely noisy around them because they are doing business in areas that shouldn't be used for work. Also I think they figure because they are a bigger tenant they have different rights than the rest of us.

There is one of their staff that gets upset when two of us say hello between two offices. It is funny because she is one of the ones that makes a lot of noise on a regular basis. She has actually closed her door with some force when we have been just saying hello. What is so funny about this is she stands outside of her office area and talks to one of the other people that sits a couple of offices down the hall and doesn't think that is wrong.

Now, if you want to complain about someone else, you have to make sure that you aren't the one that is too loud on a regular basis. What has happened is since this group finds that it is ok to talk loud between offices is that some of the others have decided that it is fine for them so it should be fine for the rest of us.

In the executive office environment a lot of us are there and want to get work done. If I wanted a lot of noise, I would be working in the coffee shops instead of paying rent for an office where I am trying to focus. Remember, the volume of your conversation needs to be that so that others around you are not impacted otherwise there is a problem. If you need to talk to someone else that you work with please get up and go into their office to have the conversation because I don't care if you are going for lunch or anything like that. I want to get my work done so that I can enjoy some time out of the office.

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