Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hotel Etiquette

When you are staying at a hotel no matter what the size there are things that you should consider.

The guest
  • You are not the only guest.
  • When you are in the halls remember there are other guests maybe trying to sleep so keep your voice down.
  • If you are with a large group be considerate of other guests because they want to enjoy the facilities the same as you do.
  • Try and respect guest services as they could be dealing with lots of issues not just your issue.
  • Housekeeping is there for everyone, if you are only staying a couple of nights do you really need your bed made and new towels each morning?
  • Try and close your room door quietly because there banging does carry a distance.
  • Try and leave your room when you leave in some order. Yes housekeeping needs to clean the room but they don't need to find a total mess after you leave.

  • Please don't bang room doors when you are cleaning the rooms. I want to enjoy my room and the banging of you entering and exiting rooms near me doesn't help me relax.
  • Ensure your cleaning cart is kept to the side of the halls guests need to get around as well. Not everyone is checking out on the same day or at the same time.
  • If you are talking to your co-workers remember to keep your voice down. Don't complain about guests where guests may hear you and ensure you do not swear in the public areas as you probably will be heard.

Hotel etiquette is very important both from the guest and the staff perspective. You will be so surprised that as a guest if you are friendly to the staff, they will help you out if you have an issue. If you have been rude or pushy with staff you may not the service that others will receive. As hotel staff you need to remember that you are the person a guest is dealing with and you represent the entire chain for that given period of time.

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