Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A child's laughter

It is so nice sometimes to just listen to a child laugh.

Some children have the laugh that almost certainly will also make you laugh when you hear it. There are some children that will see something very simple and will see the funny side of it and they start laughing and then they can’t spot laughing. Sometimes the laughter is because a parent has made a funny face or noise and the child thinks it’s funny. I love when you can hear a child just laugh because they are so happy about what is going on around them.

As an adult if we were to sit and laugh at some of the sounds that we hear that are a little silly we would probably be looked at like “why are you laughing”. I also think that a child laughing is more excepted as they are so innocent and people are willing to listen to that sound than an adult laughing. Another reason I think more people except a child laughing is public is they are normally a lot quieter than an adult laughing.

An adult laughing out in public is sometimes seen as “look at me” because an adult sometimes makes it known by the volume of their laugh that they are around and want the attention. A child laughing is normally at a lot lower volume and they are just laughing because something is funny to them. They aren’t trying to get attention but just trying to express how they are feeling about something at a given time.

I love listening to especially toddlers laugh because they have such a contagious laugh that it either makes me laugh a little bit yourself or at least smile. The younger the child is when they laugh the more fun it is listening to them. There have also been times when I think a baby is just hearing themselves laugh for the first time and it is the surprise noise out of them that they keep trying to see what it is like.

Next time you are out and about and you hear a child laugh spend a couple of minutes just listening to them. The sound of the child’s laughter can really make you feel so much better especially if you aren’t having the best day. A child laughs when something is funny and not to get attention which is nice.

A child is innocent and their laughter is just that, a sound of someone expressing a feeling about what they see or hear.

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