Thursday, September 8, 2016


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So many people say that they can’t write in different locations and I have to admit that I am one of those that are lucky and can write in various locations. In the blog that I recently work about different environments I mentioned being able to write.

Recently we took a trip and spend a few nights in a hotel and of course I found a way to sit and write even without a desk most of the time. Yes, there was a desk in the hotel room and with two of us with computers it was a spot that we shared. I decided that considering I had the convertible computer with us I would try and do some of my writing sitting on the couch. Of course there were certain things that I needed to have around me while I was writing in the evenings to ensure that I could get the writing done but also relax.

The little guy that is sitting beside the computer is called Stash and he travels with us most of the time and keeps an eye on all my crafting stuff. The glass of wine was something to sip on while watching TV and getting some writing done in the evening. Now, of course, the mobile device is always close by in case we get an email or call from a client.

Writing in different locations is nice as it gives me a different view as well as sometimes some different ideas of blogs that I can write. There are also times that the different location doesn’t work as well but at least knowing that I can write in most locations makes me feel very happy.

Another thing that I know helps is having a list of different things that I want to write about with me at all times. The list is something that I keep as a way to track the little ideas that I have had and don’t have the entire thought clearly written out. On the list can be a simple couple of works or quite a few points about something that I want to write about but just haven’t had the time or focus to get that item written up. The list even has just simple words on it that sometimes help me generate various ideas so that helps when I am looking at the blank page and feel that if I could just start writing I could probably lose myself for quite a while.

Writing for me is something that I really enjoy doing and I can normally be found sitting at my computer in the morning just doing that. Writing is the first thing that I do most days and then I focus on all the other things that need my attention. Writing is also part of my job so being able to sit and write early in the day is great. I have found that writing later in the day doesn’t work quite as well for me most days but there are the days where I can be found sitting at my computer late in the evening just getting that last idea down.

Writing can be a great thing if you can get over the blank page and I know that most days the blank page for me doesn’t stay blank for long.

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