Monday, September 26, 2016

Why journal

So many people ask me why I write each day and there are a few reasons and each of them are different:
  • Capture thoughts and ideas
  • Express feelings
  • Capture events
  • Capture memories
Capturing thoughts and ideas
A journal can be an excellent spot to write down ideas and dreams that you have. In some cases the journal is a wonderful spot to really write them out in detail even if no one every sees what the ideas were. Capturing of thoughts can also help as it will also help you see what you were thinking about at a certain time. Thoughts can also lead to ideas for blogs or other things later on so capturing them as quickly as you can is a very good idea.

Expressing feelings
A journal enables you to express what you are currently feeling when you don’t walk to talk to someone else about it. The feelings could be something you are frustrated with and just writing down the reason can help you feel better about the situation.

Capture events
Capturing events can be just that. What was the event that was going on and some of the different things that happen during it. It has been nice to go back sometimes and actually see some of the details about an event that happened in the past. There are times where in the journal you may add a few notes about different presentations or even where the event was and what the environment was like.

Capture memories
There are times when a journal will be a spot where you can sit and write down some of the memories from the past or even current things you really want to remember in the future.

Journalling in general
Journalling can really help you deal with a lot of things that are going on around you and it doesn’t how you really do it. Some people will write their journal by hand in a book, some people will have it in one large document on their computer or as individual pages for each day and some people may make a voice recording of a journal entry.

No matter how you journal it’s a personal choice and what works for one person may not work for everyone. I journal each day and I have an individual page or document for each day so that it doesn’t get too long. There are times when my journal will be a page or two for a day and then there are the days when my journal can be 6 or 7 pages and it depends what I am writing and how I am writing it. My journal is sometimes a lot of detail and then sometimes it is more point form depending on what I am trying to capture.

A journal can be something that you do everyday or just when things happen and you want to capture them. It doesn’t matter how often you journal as long as you enjoy doing it. If writing a journal becomes a chore it is time to tack a break and try doing something a little different. If someone else is pressuring you to write a journal that will not work either because you need to be personally motivated to do it.

For me journalling is part of my daily routine. Yes, it helps me capture ideas, memories, events and thoughts quickly and in a document that I can go through later on. My journal is also one spot where I keep a copy of all my blog entries so that I know when I really wrote something and maybe some of the reasons behind the entry as well.

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