Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Being on social media

I have recently been looking at social media a little differently and have some some things that I really don't understand.

1. Why are your twitter posts just a link to a Facebook post?
2. You are on tumblr but your twitter posts are just other people's pictures with no real meaning.
3. You post intagram pictures and they are your twitter posts with no meaning.
4. Your twitter posts are your Facebook posts.

Now what I am seeing through all of this are some people figure that they have to be on all social media but really aren't. Yes the posts end up all over but in a lot of cases they are meaningless because there is no real content.

With regards to twitter posts going your Facebook posts. Don't complain if I don't follow you are twitter because we are already Facebook friends so I see all your twitter feed. I have actually had a friend ask me why I don't follow her on twitter and I simply said “I see all your posts on Facebook so don't need to follow you”.

It is fine being on social media but you also have to remember that email is the main means of communication so don't ignore that. In some instances we see people posting on tumblr and instagram but they ignore their email because they are too busy. Well, maybe if you spent less time posting on these two other spots you would have time to respond to emails.

There are some people that I enjoy their twitter posts because yes they may have an instagram picture attached but their tweet explains the picture. A story in 140 characters and that is great. Seeing a picture helps to tell a bigger story and I do enjoy that. The tweet with just an instagram image attached tells me nothing.

What people need to do is figure out what social media they are going to be on and be on each of them separately. Remember not all your friends on Facebook want to see your Twitter feed and vise versa. Social media does have it's place but in some cases I think people figure that they need to be on everything so that they look important. If you use each of the platforms correctly you can look important but if you don't you can look bad. Social media is a means of communicating with different groups of people depending on the media so please remember that.

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