Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day light running lights

Have you noticed how many people drive at night with just their day light running lights on? I have been noticing that quite a few people don't remember to turn on their full headlights when they drive out of a parking garage. I think of the reason for this is because when they see some headlights from their vehicle they think they have already turned on their full headlights.

We recently followed a person out of our garage and they didn't have their full headlights on. In some ways I think the day light running lights are not helping drivers. I know when I took drivers education we were told that even in the day time we should put our full headlights on. I think it is a lot safer to just drive with your headlights on at all times because you are easier seen. Also it means that if you get into the habit of always turning them on you won't forget to turn them on at night.

The original idea behind the day light running lights was to make cars more visible in the day time but now I think it is making cars less visible at night. When I say less visible is because without your full headlights on your back lights aren't lite. Also the front lights aren't as bright as if the full headlights are turned on.

It would be nice if people got into the habit of making sure that their full headlights were just on at all times and then day light running lights wouldn't be required. Also by turning on your full headlights when you start the car it means that you don't have to worry about when you should be changing from day light to full headlights. I know that full headlights are suppose to be at least half an hour before sunset but they means you need to know roughly when the sun is setting to follow this guideline.

So day light running lights may be helpful in some cases but I feel it is better just to turn your full headlights on when you are driving a vehicle. At least this way you are making sure that you are seen by others.

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