Monday, February 9, 2015

Re-examining things

There are times that we do something because we love doing it and that seems to be the entire reason for doing it. It may be supporting a cause or even doing a job and it might not be the job that you really want but you enjoy doing the job so you do it.

It is a challenge to look at what you are doing and figure out why you are doing something. Basically what you need to do is ask yourself “Why am I doing this job?” You may find out that it isn't for the reason you really thought and now need to rethink things through. Of course the rethinking is going to be the challenge because it also means facing a lot of the difficult decisions that may need to be made.

When you re-examine something you have been doing for a while don't make fast decisions because that decision might be the wrong decision in the long run. Take some time to do this and maybe even document your thoughts so that you can go back to them at different times to make sure you are seeing things clearly. The worst time to make a decision is when you are stressed about something and will only make an emotional decision.

There are questions that you should ask yourself and sometimes you may not like the real answer:
1. Why did I start doing this job/task?
2. I am still enjoying what I am doing?
3. What would I do if I wasn't doing this job/task?
4. What could be improved to make me happier again?
5. Who should I talk to about getting the changes made?

Ok, this is just a start to questions that you should be asking yourself but at least it might get you thinking about the entire situation instead of just one little area of it. It is also great to have someone that you can talk to about your feelings because they may see what the issue is and help you with ideas of improving the situation.

When you re-examine the issue you may find that it is time to leave it alone and walk away or you may find that it is other things that are bothering you. Taking the time that is required to re-examine something is the best thing you can do. Don't make the fast decisions as they may be the wrong decision in the long-run.

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