Monday, June 8, 2015

Graduating as an adult

One of the things that I enjoy is taking various courses and seeing what diploma or certificate or certification I can receive. I have been very lucky and have a supportive husband that actually likes when I am taking courses. He always says that he learns a lot when I am taking the courses.

Now, the reason I am writing this entry is because I am now graduating from my third program and second from the same college. It is amazing to sit and think about the length of time it is between the two programs and what else I have done in my life. The first time I graduated from Centennial College was in 1985 and I am now graduating again in 2015. Of course I have been taking programs and courses in between this time and have another certificate and a certification between these two programs.

What is amazing about this time is, I am going to be attending my graduation ceremony this evening. Of course this does add additional nervousness as I am not really certain what to expect from the entire evening. I am very lucky as my husband and nephew will be attending with me.

I am not sure what graduating as a continuing education student is going to be like but I know that it is going to feel different than when I first graduated at a full time student after finishing my first program.

If I look at all the different programs I have taken and I see a long list of different programs.
Diploma in Accounting and Financial Management
Certificate in Instructing Adults
Certified Associate in Project Management
Certificate in Fundraising.

There have also been quite a few other courses that I have taken along the way. It is a really different feeling thinking about graduating again and walking across a stage. It is now time for me to get ready to head out to my graduation and know that I am not alone during this experience.

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