Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Your briefcase

If you are anything like me you probably wonder why your briefcase is so heavy most of the time. I say that quite often and think it is time that I really go through my case to see what is causing the weight.

My briefcase does go a lot of places with me as it carries the work that I am doing for clients as well as the current things I am working on for myself and our business so it can mean quite a few files. Now besides the files that are in my case which change in size I seem to carry a lot of other things.

Here is what is currently have sitting in my briefcase and adding weight to it:
  • Umbrella
  • security cable
  • ethernet cable
  • small mouse
  • cable for mobile device
  • business cards
  • post it notes
  • pens (way too many)
  • small collapsible bag
  • vitamin d tablets
  • tea bags
  • small stapler
  • snacks (some small bars)
  • small kitchen knife with blade protector
  • little notepads
  • coffee cup sleeves (cardboard ones)
  • files I have to work on (of course this varies in size)

So now you can see why my briefcase weighs so much because I do have a lot of different things in it that I shouldn't have in it all the time. Maybe today once I am home I will go through all the stuff that is currently in my briefcase and remove some of the things that aren't really needed or at least reduce the quantity of some of them.

I think we all end up with too many things in our briefcase if we don't have just one location where we work. When I was working in one office I normally only have my computer and a couple of files with the work I was taking back and forth. Now that I work at different client sites and even different locations it means I end up having more and more things that seem to just stay in my briefcase so that if I need them I have them.

If you happen to start complaining about the weight of your briefcase really take a look at everything you currently have in it, you may be surprised like I was.

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