Saturday, June 20, 2015

Narrow shoes

I am one of those individuals that has very narrow feet so finding shoes can be a major challenge at the best of times.

Recently I have been looking for some nice shoes to wear to the office but keep running into the same problem. I go into the stores that sell shoes and start looking only to discover that the only shoes they sell are for medium and wide feet. The biggest frustrations are when the sales person looks at me and says “No one wears narrow shoes” or “No we only sell medium and wide shoes not narrow”. The last comment normally goes with a laugh in their voice almost saying “No one wears narrow shoes”.

Yes, finding narrow shoes can be a major challenge and when you do they aren't the ones that are on sales at a good price. Of course, my sister is one of those individuals that can go even to the sample shoe sales and find shoes for a good price, around $20 for a pair of dress shoes. Me, well when I find shoes that I like they are always over $50 and that is the sale price. I was lucky once and found a store that had a lot of narrow shoes and yes I got a few pair.

Narrow shoes of course aren't a big seller like the wide shoes are but there are quite a few people that do have narrow feet. The other thing people say when I ask about narrow shoes is “Just put an insole in them and then they will fit”. All the insole does is make the height of the shoe less not the width. I had one sales person that actually put the insole into a shoe to prove me wrong, well instead of them proving me wrong I proved them wrong by walking out of the shoe.

So having narrow feet means that I need the back of the shoe to be a lot narrower than the normal person. I have found a couple of pairs of shoes that feet lately but of course they are closed shoes and I have been looking for summer type shoes. I guess I am off again to see if I can find some shoes that will fit and maybe I will find a store where the sales people don't laugh at me when I ask for narrow shoes.

Remember, not everyone fits the norm and when you are laughing at me when I ask such a question you are discriminating. I have been very upset in quite a few stores and I have let staff know when they have crossed the line when they have said “no one”, I am a someone and I sure let them know that.

I am now off to see if I can find a pair of shoes today. Wish me luck because I think I am going to need it.

Update:  Well after some looking and some frustration I did have some success and found not one but two pairs of shoes that I really liked.  I have found one store that sometimes has narrows and that is Naturalizer so that is where I was able to find these two pairs of shoes.  Yes, good news they were sale so now to start wearing them and enjoying some nice shoes for work.


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