Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Greeters in stores

Have you noticed the number of greeters that there are in some businesses. It is nice when you are greeted but these people need to also respect that in some cases you are not in the mood to talk to them.

Greeters should also have their area where they are to be in and that is it. In one case during a car service time they have a greeter that was great when you first arrive and they need to keep the service agents busy.

Now once the service demands have decreased for the day this same greeter than started to do laps around and around one section of the service area. It wasn't too bad at first as I understood that she was a little bored but it gets to the point that she was getting on my nerves.

Greeters do have they place and I am not complaining about their role but I know that they need to be kept busy so they don't look bored to the customers that are waiting for their vehicles. Having the floater around when a service area is busy is great because they can also answer the basic questions and guide you in the right direction.

For businesses please remember that greeters are there for a task but once they have fulfilled their task for the day try and find them something else to do. A simple task can make a big different on how the person is looked upon by customers and even fellow staff. A bored looking staff member doesn't look good for a business.

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