Friday, October 30, 2015

Changing seasons

Looking out my window I am seeing that the seasons are changing. I have had the opportunity to enjoy some nice fall colours from my office window and that has been great. Now the leaves are falling and the trees are starting to look bare and dull.

Seeing all the different fall colours is nice when you can just look at them and dream. I know that there have been times this fall that I have just looked at the colours and remembered growing up. I have always loved the fall colours and walking in the leaves and kicking them around. I think a lot of kids love playing in the fallen leaves and I was one of them. Being able to help rake the leaves was always fun because after you made a pile you could either jump in them or for me it was running through them kicking the leaves all over the place again.

I am not a person that enjoys winter but I do enjoy all the oranges and reds that the leaves turn in the fall. If I could skip winter I would be a lot happier because the other three seasons I enjoy so I guess having one that I don't like isn't so bad.

The clocks changing is another indication of the changing seasons and we are going to be facing that this weekend. It will be getting darker earlier in the evenings starting Sunday but at least it is a little brighter in the mornings for a little while.

Fall is slowing fading here and next it will be winter. At least sitting here right now I can enjoy the last little bits of the colours that I can see. Seasons change and everyone has a season that they enjoy the most and mine would be spring when everything comes alive again. So, yes I love the fall colours and the leaves on the ground but spring is for me.

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