Monday, October 5, 2015

Gift cards

I think all of us have received gift cards as some point. Now have the cards been to a place you shop at or someplace the other individual likes and figured you would?

Gift cards can be very handy when you know the person and you can get them a card to a store or mall that they shop at. Receiving a gift card for a store that you have never shopped at is a little different. If I don't know the person well enough and am not sure where they shop I would rather give them a general gift card or even the cash.

Gift cards can even come in handy when you are traveling because it means that you don't have to carry as much cash around. The best gift cards are the cards that can be reloaded or topped up and you can use the same card over and over again. I have even seen cards now that are re-loadable as well as a rewards card all in one. This makes it really nice because then it serves two purposes instead of having two different cards.

A gift card can be very good for individuals that are getting older and you aren't sure what they want or need. I know that for my parents we have been giving them gift cards sometimes and they are normally for the stores that they frequent or at least to places we know they will use the card at.

For me, when I receive a gift card I try and use it soon so that I can let the person that gave it to me know what I used it on. The cards that I think are the best are to book stores or the general gift cards that you can now get. I have never received either one of these but I know my husband uses his book store cards as he is a big reader.

Next time when you are thinking about buying someone a gift card remember, when in doubt just get them a general gift card, that way they can use it anywhere or at least a lot of places.

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