Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Personal touches

Some small personal touches
I think a lot of us have a few personal touches around our offices. I know that both in my office at home and our executive office I have a few things that are my own personal things.

For me the personal touches vary depending on which office I am at. In our executive office I have a picture of my husband and myself on one desk, along with my CAPM certificate and a silk rose in a vase on the other desk. We have kept it very simple in that office as we also don't spend as much time in that office as I do in the home office area.

Rose bush and dragon butterfly
In the home office because it is normally just the two of us that see it I have added a few more things that mean something to me. I love having flowers around me and that is why I have two silk carnations in a vase on one speaker and a live rose bush on the other speaker. These are things that I can see all the time when I am working at my desk.

On the speaker with my carnations are two bears, one that I made myself and another one that says “Please smile” and both of these bears have wonderful memories for me and that are why they sit where I can always seem them. On the other speaker with my rose bush is a dragon which I recently got and it has butterfly wings on it. Of course butterflies are something I love so that works very well in my line of sight as well.

A little friend
Now the one fun thing that I do have is a little blue stuffed bear that has been sitting on my desk for a little while. It is a bear that I stuffed on one of our mini vacations and I do like him. The other day I looked at my monitor and noticed that there was someone peaking out from behind the monitor and it happened to be this little bear.  My husband had been sitting in my visitor chair and when I wasn't looking put the bear here and it made me smile so that is where he is now sitting.

Personal touches in an office area can make such a difference. There are some offices that personal items are not allowed and that is their rules. For me, I feel that the little personal touches can help a person focus on their tasks a little easier. I don't mean having tons and tons of things on and around your desk, I mean keeping it simple but making it feel like your own area. I know that there are times where I can look at one of the items and it gives me that couple of second break that I need and then I go back to work.

What are your personal touches in your office? Do they bring back wonderful memories of someone or someplace? Yes your personal touches are your own and everyone is different.

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