Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Sounds Around You

Rooster in the city
Have you ever just sat and listened to all the various sounds that are around you at a given time?

It can be very interesting to just sit and listen for a while to see the different sounds that are always around us. I have had the opportunity to do that and it is amazing what you can hear when you actually focus on just listening. A lot of this happened over the last while for me as I had to deal with a sound that I shouldn't have had to deal with in a city. We actually had a rooster running around in the property beside us for around 6 or 7 weeks. At first it wasn't too bad because it didn't crow too often. By the end of the first month I know that I was getting very frustrated with the crowing because it went from once in a while to very frequently.

Now what I need to explain is we live in a high destiny area and it all apartment buildings. So the rooster was roaming around the apartment building property beside us. The rooster isn't allowed to be in our city as it is considering a farm animal and they are not allowed to be kept in the city. We did call into the city to report it and it was a challenge because they wanted an apartment unit number to associate the rooster with. The best part was after about 5 or 6 weeks my husband decided to go and see if he could figure out the unit where the rooster was being kept. This was when we found out that it was roaming freely on the property and the super would take it in at night. Finally after pictures and a unit number we were able to get the results we wanted and the rooster is no longer around us.

Of course we all deal with a large amount of sound around us all the time but it is the odd ones that stand out the most. I can sit and normally I hear children playing, vehicles passing the building and even sometimes doors being closed but the rooster was the sound that was very odd to hear in our neighbourhood.

One day when you have a little bit of time just sit and listen to your surroundings and you may be surprised at what you hear. I hope you don't hear a rooster unless you are at a fair or near a farm but see what you hear.

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