Monday, July 20, 2015

The right environment

All of us have those spots where we can accomplish a specific task. It could be a comfy chair, sitting outside or even going for a walk.

Knowing which environment helps you accomplish that specific task is very important. I have a couple of spots where I can accomplish specific tasks and then I have other areas where other tasks can be accomplished easier.

As a crafter there are spots where crafting is a lot easier than other spots. I have a comfy chair in my office area where I can do some crafting if I want and I also have the chesterfield where a lot of my crafting is done. Both of these spots have excellent lighting as well because that is something that I need when I am doing some of my crafts.

Writing can be done in a number of spots and I know I have done writing in a number of these spots. Yes, for me when I want to do a lot of writing, sitting at my desk is normally the best because it means my computer is available and I am not trying to balance it on my knee. I also have spots where I can write which isn't my desk and I use them sometimes when I need a break from the desk. Again the comfy chair in my office is available as well as the chesterfield. In the summer, a chair on the balcony works as well and that usually means I am writing notes on paper or sometimes I do use the computer out there. Writing for me isn't even limited to sitting at home because I have written in a number of other areas. Yes, as a passenger in a car, I have written some ideas down because something came to mind and I was able to capture it. For me, writing happens where it happens and there are times when my husband just smiles when he comes back from grabbing coffees and I have my notebook open and I am capturing the ideas that just came to mind.

Everyone has difference spots where they can accomplish their tasks. The right environment but not always work and you have to realize that. For me there are days when writing doesn't work at home so I go out and sit somewhere else for a little while. Just a bit of a change in the environment can make a big difference and recharge you.

Not everything can be done if different locations but having the right environment for what you like doing is very important.

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