Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tourist in your own city

Toronto sign with City Hall
How many times have you taken a day to just be a tourist in your own city? It can be a lot of fun and something that I think everyone should do. I know that we try and be a tourist every now and again as it gives us a different view of our own city.

There is always a lot of things going on in and around Toronto that we decided that we were going to take a day to just go and see what was going on. Of course, this summer we have also been hosting the Pan Am and ParaPan Am games so another good reason to head downtown to see what was really going on.

Pan Am Cauldron
Being a tourist in your own city can be a lot of fun because it means you are going to look at things a little differently than you would normally look at them. Our adventure was to see the sign that was near city hall and then off to see the Pan Am cauldron. Both of these areas were extremely busy with visitors and also with people just walking through the area as it was a work day.

The walk around downtown Toronto can be so different if you just slow down a little bit and not deal with all the rush that is going on around you. I know, we took our time and enjoyed seeing the various parts of what was going on around the areas we were in. We also had the chance to see some athletes visiting the various areas.

The Pan Am cauldron is in an ideal location because it was lite just outside the Roger's Centre and it is also at the base of the CN Tower as well as just outside the Ridley's Aquarium. The location means that if you are visiting the cauldron there are also other things that you might want to do within a minute or two walk which is great.

Being a tourist in your own city let's you see what others see and it is also a nice break from the every day things we do.

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