Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Saftey locks on windows

This past couple of days have been hard and that is because of an issue where a child fell 15 floors and died. The little boy fell out a window and there was suppose to be a safety lock in place to prevent the window from being opened all the way.

In apartment buildings and condo's there is a rule that all windows can only open around 3-4 inches so ensure that no one can fall out of the window. I know that in our building they had installed safety locks on the windows to ensure that the windows will only open so far. For us as part of the fire alarm annual testing they also inspect to ensure that the window locks are in place and have not been moved.

The safety locks can be a bother because it restricts the windows from opening very far but it also means that people cannot accidentally fall out the window. The safety locks normally are put into place by building management and a special device is needed to remove them or at least that is what happens with our devices.

I have noticed that even in hotels that have windows that open there is a limit to how far the windows can open because of the safely regulations. I like knowing that windows cannot be opened very far for the safety factor. Yes, it means that the cooler air cannot come in as much as you may want it but it is the safely that really matters.

If you remove those safety locks (get management to remove them) you need to know that the only reason they are being removed is to add an air conditioner to the window and not to just get more air into the room.

Safety locks are there for safety.

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