Monday, January 25, 2021

Socail Media and a frustration

 I belong to a number of groups on Facebook and I have noticed something that bothers me, and it is how people start off their comments or questions.

Some of the groups that I belong to are for cross stitch and crocheting as I enjoy both of these crafts and I have seen something that bothers me.  

Cross stitch group – Ladies can you give me some advice

            Why do you need to put “ladies” in the statement, why can’t it be “I need some advice.”

            What is funny about this group is that this group is run by a couple and this has happened in other cross stitch groups.  If you need to ask a question just ask it and don’t add the ladies or girls or anything like that.  I have seen this same type of comment in most of the cross stitch groups, and it is sometimes funny when one of the men ask if they are allowed to answer the question.

Crochet group – Girls I need your help

            Girls were not necessary as in this group there are quite a few men, and it is actually run by two men so why do you have to add the word “Girls” to the start of the statement. 


This is something that I have noticed quite often, and it is amazing how some people figure that crafting is only for women.  I know that I watch some FlossTube on YouTube and I have subscribed to 5 male stitches as I enjoy what they work on.  I know that even when I was growing up one of my uncles did needlepoint, and he was very good at it. 

When you are going to ask a question in a group or even leave a comment remember that unless you know everyone that is in the group you should be ensuring it is a gender-neutral comment/question. I know that I have got upset when I have seen this type of opening and would like to correct the person because I think it could really hurt some people especially if they are having a rotten day and this just puts them down.

So when you are on social media member that we don’t always need to start with Ladies, Girls, etc.  It is ok to just ask for the advice or leave that comment.


Monday, January 18, 2021

Hiding from the world

 This is a phrase that you will hear from a lot of people right now.  I just want to hide from the world and forget about what is going on.  This is so much easier said than done.  To hide from the world you would have to basically turn off all the contact with the outside world for a while.  Yes, that means no radio, Twitter, Facebook, news, etc. and that would be a challenge nowadays.  Even the simple task of going to the store to pick up something means that you aren’t hiding from the world.

I know that when I say that I want to hide from the world I am saying that I just need a bit of a break from being overloaded with everything that is happening outside my area.  I have been able to do that sometimes simply by putting on an audiobook and not looking at social media for a while.  It doesn’t take long before you start to feel better as that bit of a break is what we all need.  Yes, we take that break and hide from the world when we are sleeping but there are days when just tuning out for a bit helps so much.  It is a means of refocusing and being able to get things done that you would like to do.

When I hide from the world I am also trying to do something to relax.  Yes, you can hide from the world while working but being able to sit and forget about everything other than the project that you are doing does feel good. I normally have some projects that are simple to do for these times when I just want to do nothing, but I also want to see something accomplished.

Yes we all hide from the world a little and some more than others.  Being able to sit and do something without knowing what is going on in the world even for a couple of hours is a nice break.  We all need some recharge time no matter who we are and taking a break from what is happening around you can really help.  I know that for me, I try and spend a bit of time at the end of the day avoiding social media as it means that when I finally go to bed I am not thinking about everything that is going on in the world.

Remember hiding from the world for bits of time isn’t bad and no one should tell you that you can’t do this.  I am now going to go and hide from the world for a couple of hours and listen to my audiobook.


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Blogging and Journaling and why I do both

 People have asked me why I do both journaling and blogging when I could just do one or the other.  I can easily say that blogging gives me one output while my journaling is something that I do just for me.


I am someone that has more than one blog, and I am very happy to have separate ones for the separate parts of me. 

  1.  Craftkitten

  2.  DLK Life How I See It

  3.  DLKsCrafts

Now each of these blogs are entirely different in nature as they are for difference audiences.  Now to talk a bit about each of these so you can understand why they are so separate.

Craftkitten – this blog is where I will post weekly updates about what crafts that I have been working on during that past week.  This blog doesn’t show a lot of what is going on in my life outside the crafting that I do.

DLK Life How I See It – if you are reading this post you know what this blog is about.  This blog is where I can write about the various things that I am seeing in the world and also some other thoughts and feelings that bounce into my head.  It is something that I enjoy doing and where I can write about the various challenges that a lot of people deal with.

DLKsCrafts – this blog is more about my ETSY shop and how to run a shop like I do.  It is where I will give you some pointers as I know that it is sometimes a challenge to start to set up an on-line shop.


To explain a little about my journaling I have to admit that it is something that isn’t planned to be shared with anyone else.  I write each day and have been doing that for a number of years.  I have been writing every day since December 26, 2013 so yes I have been writing a lot since then.  The one thing that I can say is that the amount that I write each day depends on the time that I have to write and what I am feeling that day.

I have always been someone that enjoyed sitting and writing and that is why I started to journal on a more regular basis.  I started out just writing when I felt that I had something to write about and than it slowly turned into something that I do each day.  I now write electronic journals while before they were all handwritten and something that I can still look at and laugh at sometimes.  I have written about a lot of the challenges that I have faced and it has made it a lot easier to handle. For me my journal is what is going on around me and things that I have done each day so it is more like a diary and I enjoy doing it.


For me journaling and blogging are two separate things that I enjoy doing and I will keep doing.   I may not always get a lot of blog posts written but I continue to write each day.  If writing is something that you enjoy doing I would recommend that you start to journal for yourself.  It doesn’t need to be fancy at all if you don’t want it to be.  It is something that you are doing for myself and through your writing you will find out a bit more about things that you have dealt with and now you have got through them.