Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What is Really Important

What is important to one person can be unimportant to someone else. Respecting others is what is necessary, and you need to know what is important to them. It could be as simple as knowing not to call after 9pm. Even the little things can have a high value to someone.

For me, what is important is having the opportunity to write when I have the thoughts flying around in my head. To someone else that doesn't think writing is important, won't understand the importance to me.

Understanding those around you and what is important to them can make a big difference. To some people, having tons of friends is important, while others just having a few close friends is important. Knowing and respecting what is important to those around you can make a big difference.

What is really important to me is knowing what is also important to those close to me.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Taking Time For Yourself

It is very important to remember that most people need to take time for themselves. Sometimes this time can be easily achieved, while other times it may need to be schedule. When I say scheduled, I mean booked so that something else cannot take that time away from you.

I have booked sometime in my calendar occasionally to ensure I have time for me. It can be a challenge sometimes to take some time to recharge the personal battery. In some cases, the taking time can be a half an hour here and there, while other times it can be a few hours or even a few days.

For me, taking time for myself has meant taking a bit of sleep time away so that I could have some quite time to myself. I can find that I want to write late at night, and I need to do it then sometimes. If I don't get the thoughts written down, I don't sleep, so I might as well get up and get the thoughts onto paper.

Taking time for yourself, is very important to ensure you are there to help others and even do your own job. Remember, when time starts to go crazy, book a little “me time” for yourself.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One Step At A Time

Almost everyone has a goal that they want to achieve. It could be something small or something that could take years to achieve. Having a goal is great, and knowing how to achieve it is also important. Realizing that there are a number of steps to take to achieve a goal can really help.

In some cases, documenting the various steps can help in achieving the overall goal. Also, if you end up not achieving the overall goal, you can at least see how far you go and even figure out why you didn't achieve the overall goal. For some individuals, they don't write down the steps and just plow ahead and get frustrated when they don't achieve a goal because of a major obstacle. At least by writing down the various steps you might discover the major obstacle before putting a lot of time, energy and maybe even money into something.

For small goals, it isn't always necessary to write down all the steps because there aren't lots of steps. At least clearly thinking the goal through can help.

I have goals that I want to achieve, and some are small while others are larger goals. There are times when I can't achieve a larger goal, but at least having the steps documented, I can see how far I actually got. In some cases, it has taken years to get back to working on a goal and in some cases the steps have changed.

For me, achieving a goal is done one step at a time.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Balancing Work, Personal/Family and School Life

Before anyone can say anything, I admit that I do enjoy taking courses. I finished college and my parents jokingly said I was going to be a professional student, and I can say yes, I am. There is something about the actual learning that I really enjoy. Yes, I get stressed and sometimes frustrated, but I normally enjoy the learning.

So balancing all the different parts of my life can get a little difficult. Running a small business with my husband does mean a schedule that does fluctuate with demands from clients. This means that standard work hours aren't always there. So the balancing of even personal and work sometimes can be a challenge and now add on assignments, exams, and weekly reading for school, and it can be very difficult.

I am one of those individuals that gets frustrated when I feel like I don't have control of my life. I am known to have long to-do-lists, and that is because I break things down on the list, so I can see progress. My to-do-list is sometimes the only way I can manage everything that is going on in my life, and I do put even the smallest things on it sometimes to ensure that I don't miss them.

As I am writing this blog, I am balancing two courses, lots of work and personal and family demands that I need to deal with over the next little while. Knowing that I have done this in the past does help, but there are still days when I want to just give up and hide and not deal with any of the items that I have on my to-do-list.

Balancing work, personal/family and school life can be a challenge, but it can also be very rewarding. Knowing that I can do everything that I need to do and still have some time to relax occasionally does really help. So, before I realize that there is something else that I should be working on today, I am going to do and relax for a bit.