Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting organized

This last little while I have felt that life has been a little too crazy for my liking, so have decided that I am going to try and get myself a little more organized.  Part of my organization is deciding that I am going to schedule my workdays a little more than I have in the past.  I am hoping that having my days scheduled a bit more it will mean that I get more accomplished, and the stress level should also be reduced.

A lot of people probably do things like I do and bounce from one thing to another and really don't feel like they are getting much done.  I know that instead of focusing on each of the different roles that I have, I try and do a bit of everything and therefore end up stressed and frustrated.  Now my goal is to try and work on my schedule for the month of February and see how it goes.  It should mean that I get things done, and maybe I won't worry so much about all the other things because I will know that they will be handled on the assigned day.

I have actually decided that I am also going to schedule some me time into my evening schedules so that I ensure that I remember to take time for myself instead of always putting everyone else first.  This is going to be the biggest challenge for me because I normally start taking time for myself only to put it aside because something else for someone else calls out to me.  I started the evening schedule last week and have to admit that it does feel great taking some time for myself and actually seeing stuff getting accomplished and not feeling guilty about doing it.

Getting my life a little more organized should also mean that I will be able to get more done, both professionally and personally.  Now to start my day and see how much I can accomplish.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Setting goals for yourself

January is a time to sit back and think of all the things that you would like to achieve in the new year.  A lot of people say, "I want to lose weight" or "I want to exercise more". 

The comment "I want to lose weight" is something that I now laugh at as I mentioned this to an instructor once, and he said, "But do you really want to find it again?"  Instead of saying "I want to lose weight", how about "I want to get rid of some weight".  At least, if you get rid of the weight, you may have a better chance of keeping it off.  I am made this a goal a few years, but this year I have decided I am not adding this to my stress level.

Goals should be achievable and realistic.  I have normally made goals that I hope I can achieve but end up not achieving them, and then I end up frustrated.  This year, my goals are realistic to me, so now to work on achieving all of them.  Simple, small steps is what I am going to be taking to ensure that I accomplish what I set out to do.

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Goals

Yes, I said I was going to post my goals for 2012 early last week, but after taking a Project Management Boot Camp for 5 days, I didn't have any energy left by the time I got home.

Here are my goals for 2012:
1.  Blog four times each month
2.  Write content for company website
3.  Achieve CAPM
4.  Learn to take time for myself

These are my big goals for 2012 and will see how I do with them.  Time will tell.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Another year is upon us, and it's time to start thinking about what we want to accomplish in the new year.  I know a lot of people set tons and tons of goals only to discover that they can't accomplish most of them.  I think this year I am going to work on accomplishing just a few things and see how that goes. 

The list will be posted in a couple of days once I figure it all out because I have been trying to complete my 2011 goals so haven't thought about 2012.

The picture is of some roses that I received after helping a neighbourhood group, and that was one thing I accomplished in 2011 that I hadn't even planned on doing but am extremely happy that I did.

Now to figure out my 2012 goals and start working on accomplishing them.