Sunday, December 11, 2011

Knowing you are appreciated

So many times, in our lives, we don't hear the works "Thanks" and I think that is something that is missing in the world today.

I know that hearing that single word can really make a difference to how I feel about things and where I will spend my time and effort.  Recently, through the different things that I do, I have had the chance to hear that word a few times, and it makes me want to help out just that little bit more. 

So many people say that they are too busy to acknowledge the effort of others, but I think these are the people that don't understand that if you want someone to go that extra mile for you, let them know, you appreciate what they do for you.  It doesn't take a lot of time to say "Thanks" so even a quick message/e-mail to let them know you appreciate their work can go a long way.

This week was also a little different as I saw some people that I hadn't seen for a number of years and I found out how much they cared about me, as a person.  A simple hug, or even a smile and a good hand-shake, says a lot.  One person made me realize how much they valued my friendship when I surprised them at work, and I got a lot of hugs from him.  You don't always need the hugs, but sometimes it sure does help when you are feeling a little low.

So next time when you appreciate what someone else has done, make sure you say "Thanks" so that they know they are appreciated.