Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Docs or It Didn't Happen

On your job, how many times have you been asked for the documentation to back up your decision or your work? Well, here is why documentation is so important when it comes to work.

  1. Provides guidance to someone else if you are unable to do the task, such as when you are on vacation or maybe just too busy to get everything done or no longer with the company.
  2. Helps to provide why something is done in a specific way.
  3. Provides the necessary steps in a process to ensure that a business can continue to operate.

What is funny about writing this is so many individuals in IT don’t like writing documentation or even quick notes about why something is being done a specific way. I know that as someone that enjoys writing documentation, I normally get a very funny look when I say I love writing documentation. Yes, documentation can be a challenge to write, but in so many ways it is also enjoyable because you can help a department, or a business get the necessary notes down, so everyone is working the same way.

For various departments there are different needs for the documentation, but I do know that for IT departments it can the virtual process that needs to be done if the servers are compromised or if there is damage to the equipment and how does the department get everything up and running again because downed servers mean people aren’t able to get work done.

I have once heard someone say that “If I document what I do, it means that they can replace me easily, but if I don’t document stuff they need to keep me.” Well, that might sometimes work, but there are also the times that not documenting something can mean that you end up being a cost to the business, and you will be replaced. Knowing how to write the documents is also important because it can help others as well as yourself. If the document is good, you can even use it as a reference when you are doing a task that you don’t do frequently.

Docs or it didn’t happen is something that I have heard so often when talking to people, but these same people are the ones that don’t write the documentation. So, next time you are doing something think about the steps that you do and maybe make some notes even if it isn’t every step but at least it could remind you how to do something quickly or it could help someone else.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Working as a team

There are so many times that a decision made by one person can impact how others are working. In any company it is very important that if a decision is made that could impact others it needs to be communicated before any changes happen.

Being part of a team is very important in any business, and seeing how a decision that is made by one individual can impact others is important to think about. In some cases, the decision will probably be good idea, and everyone will be happy with it, but then there are times when the decision can make it harder for someone else to complete their tasks.

The best idea is when you are thinking about changing how something is done, and you aren’t the only one that uses the information, it is a good idea to ensure that everyone has some input into how things are going to be handled. In some cases, the change might be a great idea, and it will be agreed upon as a good idea, but there may be cases when the idea isn’t the best idea for everyone.

Having the chance to talk about a change before it is made is a lot better than finding out about a change after it has been done. A change that impacts a group of people really does need to be discussed, instead of just doing it because you think it’s a good idea. I recently had to deal with such a change, and it impacted how I did things. It didn’t just impact how I did the stuff with the software, it impacted how I was making my notes so that all had to be changed. If I had been told about the change before it was made, it would have meant that I now don’t have to redo a lot of the work that I have already done.

Being part of a team is how we all work, and making sure that all the team members are aware of any upcoming changes is very important. A change can make it easier for everyone to work, or it can entirely change how some of the team now must work. So, next time you have an idea to change how something is done, think about who else either uses the application or software and if the change will impact them. Being a team player is very important in business and being anti-team isn’t a good idea.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Hiding behind a screen name

Something that I have been noticing more and more are people that will make negative comments either on Facebook or on YouTube videos. In several cases, the person isn’t using their own name so that they can hide before the screen and just be negative to others.

I am a moderator or an administration for a few Facebook groups and I have noticed that people seem to like making negative comments. Recently there was a simple comment made in one of the groups, and then it blew up into a bunch of back-and-forth negative comments, and of course this happens when you are not monitoring the group. By the time I got to see the chat it had got bad, so I had to step in and take care of this situation. The result was lots of comments were removed and everyone got a warning about being kind and considerate to each other. I really wonder how many people would say these comments to a person if they were in person. I think part of it is that people think they can say anything they want because they are hiding behind a screen.

While watching YouTube videos, I look through some of the comments, and it is amazing how many people will say hurtful comments to a person. I have seen people say a YouTuber was fat, they were insensitive to others, they think too much of themselves. These are just a few of the comments that I have seen. Of course, these are people that are trying to hurt the YouTuber, but I have seen a lot of the YouTubers either ignore the comments or talk about them on their channels with a reply of if you don’t like watching my channel, there are a lot of other channels you can go and watch.

Yes, I so agree with the comment that there are a lot of other channels on YouTube or groups on Facebook that you can belong to. If you don’t like something that someone has said on social media, the best thing you can do is scroll by it. In the case of YouTube, maybe unsubscribe from the channel if you don’t like the person. On Facebook you can either just scroll past the comment and say nothing, which is the best idea, or if you don’t like how a group is managed you can always leave the group.

Hiding behind a screen name may make you think you are better than others, but really what you are doing is showing a weakness that you have. If you can only say negative things about people, remember that everyone has feelings, and we need to respect each other.


Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Just write

These are words that I have heard my husband say to me, and I am glad that he has said them more than once. Just write means giving myself the permission to sit and do something that I love doing and not letting other things get in the way like I normally do. Being able to accept that me sitting and writing is important has helped me continue to enjoy the writing process.

Just writing means that I can write whatever I am feeling and not care what others think about the outcome, unless I want someone to see what I have been writing about. There are days when I wish I could just sit and write, but other things get in the way. When I have the opportunity to sit and write, I have learned to take them and value them. Sometimes the sitting and writing because I need to write means something else doesn’t get done right away, but it does get done later.

Writing is one of my methods of dealing with a lot of my emotions and things that are going on in my life. Hopefully being able to write about the various things will make it a lot better for me and I don’t have to deal with the emotional roller coaster that I have sometimes dealt with in the past.

Being able to write for the joy of it is important. I know that I don’t have to be perfect when I do this writing because I can later go over my thoughts and make sure they are clearer. Of course, there are times when I can just enjoy the writing and that makes me happy and then there are the times when I can sit and review my writing and that is a different mindset.

Having the ability to just sit and write and let the ideas flow is wonderful, and knowing that you can make the actual thought clearer later on is great. Sometimes thoughts flow, and they make sense and then there are the times that after looking at them, they are just a mixture of feelings and there isn’t any way to possibly make sense of that so someone else can read it, but that is ok as well because at least the thoughts have been put down and that helps in so many ways.

For me, I write some each day and that is important and quite a bit of what I write is never seen by anyone else and that is fine as well. I know that each bit of writing that I do have a purpose and just write is my way of getting so many different thoughts out of my head so that I can then focus on some of the other things that do need my attention. So, next time someone says to you “just write” do it and see how you feel. You will probably be happy they told you to do it.