Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Knapsack Etiquette

Here is something that bothers me, and it's people that wear their knapsacks while around other people. The one thing that bothers me is how big the knapsacks are, and the person wearing it doesn’t seem to remember that they cannot see what their bag is hitting if it’s on their back. I understand that if you are walking a distance, having your knapsack on your back makes a lot of sense, but it’s wearing it in crowded areas that I don’t appreciate.

A knapsack that is on someone’s back can really be a bother for everyone else around them, especially in small areas. I wish people that have knapsacks on their backs would think of the other people around them and not just themselves. So many people take transit and think they are small and don’t realize or think about what is on their back and the extra space they are taking up. When taking transit, I know that transit people ask passengers to remove bags from their backs, but a lot of them don’t pay much attention to that message. These bags end up in other people’s faces, jammed into someone else’s back, or just blocking access.

This similar thing happens when people are on elevators. The knapsack is either hitting someone else or blocking the way for people trying to get on or off the elevator. I know in our building when the students all get out of school, and they get on the elevator it is crazy because no one removed their knapsacks, but they just keep pushing on. By simply taking their knapsack off their back and holding it in their hands would make more room in the elevator for everyone.

It would be nice if the people that wear their knapsacks on transit or on elevators understood the impact of that on others around them. Sure, it leaves your hands free to be on your mobile device, but it is impacting other people around you. I don’t know how many times I have had a knapsack almost hit me in the face while I was sitting on a bus or subway. Also, on the elevator here in our building knapsacks are always hitting someone else if kids from school get on the one, we are on.

So, remember that simple knapsack etiquette is taking our knapsack off your back before getting on transit or an elevator. If you don’t do this, you are communicating to everyone else that “My bag is important, and you aren’t.”

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

25 Years

 To look back on the last 25 years, I can say that things have changed a lot and some things happened for the right reasons. On this day 25 years ago, I was at a party for some friends that had been on a trip to India. It was close to where I lived, so it meant that I could walk over to the party. I went after hearing that the person that invited me didn’t think I would be attending, even after I said I would go.

So, as you can probably guess, I went to the party and had a pretty good time. What I hadn’t plan on happening is meeting someone at the party who was also a guest. I ended up dating this individual later that year thanks to the guy that invited me to the party, giving this other guy my phone number.

The guy that I started dating was wonderful and someone that made me feel special, and to this day he still makes me feel special. After a couple of years of dating, we decided to get married and have been happily married for almost 23 years now. So yes, an invitation to a party ended up changing my life in such a good way. I got to spend time with some people that I didn’t know, and I met the guy that would later on become my husband.

As I look back 25 years, I hadn’t planned on meeting someone at this party, but I am really glad that I did. I found my partner who I love and cherish.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Blaming others for your mistake

Recently I have been watching some comments on Facebook and they have really bothered me. I am part of a cross stitch community, and they provided a year long stitch-along for free for everyone. The pattern was hosted on their website, so it was free for everyone to stitch. Now on the website it clearly stated that “This design is only available for free until 1st January 2024.” Now, when you download the pattern each month it says on the front of the pattern, “This design is only available as a free download until 1st January 2024.”

The pattern is released on the 1st of each month, and it has always been posted on the first of the month, so once December is released you have 31 days to download that part of the pattern. Yes, the website is hosted in Australia so that means that the pattern is available in North America on the last day of the previous month so we will have 31 days to download the pattern. So, everyone has the same amount of time to download the pattern.

During last year, there were several reminders on the Facebook group remaindering everyone that the pattern would be only available until January 1st. So, January 1st rolls around and the new stitch along for 2024 is posted and of course the 2023 pattern is removed just like all the reminders said would happen. I think you can see what is going to happen next, there are people within the group that didn’t download the pattern because they figured it would still be available in North America on the 31st of December. We get the pattern a day ahead of the 1st of each month, so why would it still be available.

What bothered me was as soon as the pattern was taken down, someone immediately was asking someone in the Facebook group to share the December pattern with them. This pattern does have a copyright on it, and it is against copyright laws to share a PDF copy of a pattern. Besides this happening, the designer of the pattern received lots of emails about why was the pattern taken down at midnight Sydney time, as it would have been removed in each individual person’s time zone. Removing a pattern based on your time zone is extremely expensive to do, and given it was a free pattern and tons of reminders were posted on the website as well as within the Facebook group.

I feel sorry for the designer because they give a lot of time to the community and the designing of these patterns, and they don’t deserve to be treated like they have been treated. This same designer has been accused of stealing motifs from other people. The motifs that have been used in all these designs are antique motifs and everyone can use them.  It hurts me to see that people don’t appreciate what they are getting for free. Being rude to a designer isn’t appropriate when they have given everyone tons of their time to the community for free.

Given everything they have had to go through the website now says, “This design is only available for free until 1st January 2025 – this means it is no longer free from midnight Sydney Australian time on the 31st December 2024, after that it will cost US$10 to download.” Now, when you download the pattern each month it says on the front of the pattern, “This design is only available as a free download until 1st January 2025. That means all the free download links will be removed at midnight Sydney Australian time on the 31st December.”

Blaming someone else when it is clearly your mistake is totally wrong. If you stumble along blindly, life is going to smack you at some point. There is no one to blame but yourself. So, if you are someone that is every thinking that you might want to stitch a pattern that is free, grab it immediately to ensure you have it. Please, before you blame someone else for a mistake, check to make sure who was in the wrong because in some cases it might be you.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Blocking the way

Here is something that I know a lot of people do and others get extremely frustrated with, and that is blocking the way. This issue applies to those individuals that are walking and sometimes people when they are driving as well, so let’s have a look at a few things that bother me about people blocking the way.

Stopping at the top or bottom of an escalator

Here is a situation that really bothers me, and those are the individuals that stop as soon as they get off an escalator. I understand people are trying to figure out which direction they want to go, but stopping immediately after getting off an escalator bothers me and causes issues for those people behind you. If you are not certain which direction you want to go take a few steps forward, so that you are out of everyone else’s way and then stop and figure out where you are going. I have seen this happen so often and, in some cases, it results in people banging the individual or banging others as they try and get around that individual.

Blocking the door on transit

Here is another situation that can cause a lot of issues and that is blocking the door on transit. There are so many people that like to stand in the doorway on a subway even if they are not getting off at the next station. By blocking the door, it makes it so much harder for people that want to either exit or enter the subway. Some of these individuals also like having their feet stuck out, which then causes a tripping hazard as well. If you like standing in the doorway of transit, please step off the subway at a station and to the side so that everyone wants to enter, or exit have room to do so.

Turning into an aisle/roadway in a parking lot and immediately stopping

It is interesting how many people turn into either an aisle of a parking lot or even into a parking lot and immediately stop. This can be extremely dangerous because there are other cars trying to get around as well. Blocking an aisle or roadway will get a lot of other people upset and could result in an accident. Again, if you aren’t sure where you are wanting to go, pull out of traffic and ensure that there isn’t someone right behind you and then stop to figure out where you are going.

Final notes

These are just a few of the things that I have seen, and I am writing about because there are a lot of other ways people can block the way. So, next time you are out and about, look at what others are doing and remember to think about what you are doing as well. Blocking the way for others can be very frustrating.