Monday, February 23, 2015

Respecting other people's time

Have you ever received an email with only part of a message and ended up having to reply asking for more detail? Well, I have been getting a lot of these types of messages in the last little while and it really bothers me.

If you are sending someone an email to ask a question or to ask for something be sure that you really do ask for what you are looking for instead of just being unclear. The reason I am saying this is it wastes a lot of time to have to continually email back and forth getting clarification.

Another part of emailing is if you are looking for a number of different things try and put them all in one email instead of an email every few minutes. If you are working on a few things try and delay sending the first email for a few minutes to see if you need anything else. The person that is receiving all these emails is continually being interrupted if they are notified of all messages that are received. The person you are sending to may change their notification so that they don't get the notification and in an emergency will miss something.

It is important when you send emails you make sure you give all the information that is necessary for the individual receiving the email to act quickly and effectively on it. The information you are looking for may be easy to send if the person understands what you are looking for and doesn't have to guess at some of it.

Sending numerous emails to one person is like picking up the phone and calling them with every little question instead of thinking things through and then making one contact. The person that is receiving this type of message would really appreciate the one message instead of tons of little messages.

Remember email is great in some ways but you also have to remember that you could be interfering with what someone is working on if you continually email them. They may be working on something for you and it will take them a lot longer to get you the stuff if you don't respect their time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Being on social media

I have recently been looking at social media a little differently and have some some things that I really don't understand.

1. Why are your twitter posts just a link to a Facebook post?
2. You are on tumblr but your twitter posts are just other people's pictures with no real meaning.
3. You post intagram pictures and they are your twitter posts with no meaning.
4. Your twitter posts are your Facebook posts.

Now what I am seeing through all of this are some people figure that they have to be on all social media but really aren't. Yes the posts end up all over but in a lot of cases they are meaningless because there is no real content.

With regards to twitter posts going your Facebook posts. Don't complain if I don't follow you are twitter because we are already Facebook friends so I see all your twitter feed. I have actually had a friend ask me why I don't follow her on twitter and I simply said “I see all your posts on Facebook so don't need to follow you”.

It is fine being on social media but you also have to remember that email is the main means of communication so don't ignore that. In some instances we see people posting on tumblr and instagram but they ignore their email because they are too busy. Well, maybe if you spent less time posting on these two other spots you would have time to respond to emails.

There are some people that I enjoy their twitter posts because yes they may have an instagram picture attached but their tweet explains the picture. A story in 140 characters and that is great. Seeing a picture helps to tell a bigger story and I do enjoy that. The tweet with just an instagram image attached tells me nothing.

What people need to do is figure out what social media they are going to be on and be on each of them separately. Remember not all your friends on Facebook want to see your Twitter feed and vise versa. Social media does have it's place but in some cases I think people figure that they need to be on everything so that they look important. If you use each of the platforms correctly you can look important but if you don't you can look bad. Social media is a means of communicating with different groups of people depending on the media so please remember that.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Re-examining things

There are times that we do something because we love doing it and that seems to be the entire reason for doing it. It may be supporting a cause or even doing a job and it might not be the job that you really want but you enjoy doing the job so you do it.

It is a challenge to look at what you are doing and figure out why you are doing something. Basically what you need to do is ask yourself “Why am I doing this job?” You may find out that it isn't for the reason you really thought and now need to rethink things through. Of course the rethinking is going to be the challenge because it also means facing a lot of the difficult decisions that may need to be made.

When you re-examine something you have been doing for a while don't make fast decisions because that decision might be the wrong decision in the long run. Take some time to do this and maybe even document your thoughts so that you can go back to them at different times to make sure you are seeing things clearly. The worst time to make a decision is when you are stressed about something and will only make an emotional decision.

There are questions that you should ask yourself and sometimes you may not like the real answer:
1. Why did I start doing this job/task?
2. I am still enjoying what I am doing?
3. What would I do if I wasn't doing this job/task?
4. What could be improved to make me happier again?
5. Who should I talk to about getting the changes made?

Ok, this is just a start to questions that you should be asking yourself but at least it might get you thinking about the entire situation instead of just one little area of it. It is also great to have someone that you can talk to about your feelings because they may see what the issue is and help you with ideas of improving the situation.

When you re-examine the issue you may find that it is time to leave it alone and walk away or you may find that it is other things that are bothering you. Taking the time that is required to re-examine something is the best thing you can do. Don't make the fast decisions as they may be the wrong decision in the long-run.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day light running lights

Have you noticed how many people drive at night with just their day light running lights on? I have been noticing that quite a few people don't remember to turn on their full headlights when they drive out of a parking garage. I think of the reason for this is because when they see some headlights from their vehicle they think they have already turned on their full headlights.

We recently followed a person out of our garage and they didn't have their full headlights on. In some ways I think the day light running lights are not helping drivers. I know when I took drivers education we were told that even in the day time we should put our full headlights on. I think it is a lot safer to just drive with your headlights on at all times because you are easier seen. Also it means that if you get into the habit of always turning them on you won't forget to turn them on at night.

The original idea behind the day light running lights was to make cars more visible in the day time but now I think it is making cars less visible at night. When I say less visible is because without your full headlights on your back lights aren't lite. Also the front lights aren't as bright as if the full headlights are turned on.

It would be nice if people got into the habit of making sure that their full headlights were just on at all times and then day light running lights wouldn't be required. Also by turning on your full headlights when you start the car it means that you don't have to worry about when you should be changing from day light to full headlights. I know that full headlights are suppose to be at least half an hour before sunset but they means you need to know roughly when the sun is setting to follow this guideline.

So day light running lights may be helpful in some cases but I feel it is better just to turn your full headlights on when you are driving a vehicle. At least this way you are making sure that you are seen by others.