Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 202

So what is the importance of day 202, well July 21st is the 202 day of 2014 for one thing.

The more important thing for me is that is the number of days I have written in 2014 so far.  Yes I have written each day in 2014 without missing any day so that is a major achievement for me.  I know that I don't blog each day but at least I do some writing in my journal everyday which is wonderful.

I am finding that writing has given me the opportunity to deal with issues a whole lot easier than before.  I was one of those people that let things bother me and then I would get really upset but now I am finding that by writing each day I am able to deal with the issues when they are smaller and they don't upset me as much anymore.

Ok, I may not always reach the 500 words each day but at least I am finding that by writing each day my writing is getting easier to do.  The blank page doesn't scare me like it did before because I know that I will be able to deal with it quickly.

My goal was to be able to write for 100 days without missing a day. I have more than doubled that goal so now to just take one day at a time and if something happens and I miss a day I will be disappointed but I know I will just start writing the next day and move forward. 

To those that don't think they could write each day, set a small goal of writing for one week each day and then keep extending that goal and you will be surprised as where you can go with it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fire Routes

Fire routes along the sides of buildings are there for a reason and that is for the safety of the people in the building. These routes are there so that emergency vehicles can access the building without vehicles being parked too close to the building.

Of course a lot of these routes are at the front doors of the buildings where people enter and exit vehicles as well as the building. What you are not supposed to do is park the vehicles in these routes and leave the vehicle.

In so many cases I have seen people park their vehicle in the way of others and get out of their vehicle and go into the building to get things. In one case the person actually got on the elevator and went up to a unit to get stuff because they had forgotten it upstairs. Now to mark it clear there are visitor parking spots that can be used for just that reason so stay in your own parking spot and get back to your unit to get the stuff you forgot.

The fire route is there for the safety of the residents as well as for the emergency responders. This area is especially important during a fire because where is debris going to fall if not right next to the building. Also this route is so that ambulances and such can get in and out quickly to deal with injured individuals. If you were injured, would you want to be delayed in getting to the hospital because someone was parked in the way?'

A fire route is there for a reason so when you are close to a building do the quick drop off or pickup of the person but remember that you need to stay with your vehicle. Also don’t argue with the fire department or police when they ask you to move your vehicle. You are the one that is in the way and they are just doing their job.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ice Cream Trucks

As I live in a high density area we have ice creams trucks that frequent our street. I understand that they need to draw attention to themselves but how many times do they need to play their music.
Now I am saying this as we have either three or four ice cream trucks on our street during the summer evenings. The trucks arrive early like around 3pm and the last one leaves somewhere after the sun has set. Now the trucks drive the street before they park and play their music and then when they part they play their music some more.

In one case during one evening a truck arrived in the neighbourhood at 8pm playing their music which is a 2 minute song. It was played twice during the drive and while parking the truck so that was acceptable. Now what got really bothersome was that this same truck played the 2 minute song twice every fifteen minutes until 8:30 when he gave up and left because business was slow. The interesting thing about this truck is he doesn’t arrive at a standard time so people don’t know if he is coming or not.

Yes, ice cream trucks need to play their music but I really think there should be a limit to the frequency and the volume that they music is played.

Now if you are an ice cream truck operator and you want people to frequent your truck remember the simple things:

  1. Don’t annoy people by playing your music too loud
  2. Don’t pay your music too frequently
  3. Be around at standard times

Monday, July 7, 2014

2014 Goals so far

Here it is half way through the year and time to see how I am really doing with my goals that I set on January 1st.

1. Blog four times each month – 5 out of 6 months wrote at least four blogs a month
2. Complete remaining 2 courses of Fundraising Certificate – finished one course and doing second course right now
3. Write a minimum of 15,000 words a month – writing more than 15,000 words each month so far without an issue so hopefully this will continue for the rest of the year.
4. Take time for myself on a regular basis – getting better at this
5. Get home office area organized – more organized but still needs work.

I am very happy with my progress so far this year with my goals. The blogging has been getting easier as well so that is great. Now to just keep it up for the rest of the year.

Writing in general has gotten easier as well and have been reaching the 15,000 words each month without much of a challenge. Decided to give myself the goal of 15,000 words excluding assignments to make sure my writing is not just school stuff.

Now to see what the rest of the year is like.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cashing of cheques

Why is it that people figure that as soon as they give you a cheque you are immediately going to run to the bank and deposit it?

Lately I have come upon an issue with people and cashing of cheques. This is both personally and professionally. It is amazing how many people figure that their cheque is a priority to you no matter what else is happening in your life.

On the personal side I received a cheque on a Wednesday evening (June 4th) and within a week I was reminded that I didn't cash the cheque yet. I understand that it means that the bank book doesn't balance for a couple of weeks but I don't go to the bank every week. I was then reminded again because I hadn't cashed the cheque by the 15th of the month. Well I finally got to the bank on June 20th so this cheque has now been deposited and should show up as cashed by the beginning of next week.

Now on the professional side we received a cheque on June 4th and on June 19th were asked if there was a problem because it hadn't cleared the bank yet. Of course there were other cheques that were being received during the month so was waiting for some of them to arrive before going to the bank to make the deposit. As a small business going to the bank means that something else that is billable isn't being done. There is a routine of handling the cheques on a monthly basis and I have to admit that unless the cheque is received near the end of the month they are cashed in that month.

Going to the bank even to a bank machine involves time and you are not always close to the bank that you deal with. I have seen some bank machines over the couple of weeks but they haven't been my bank so haven't used it to deposit the cheque. Now for the business banking there are times that the business counter is open and that is normally during the normal work day which is also the normal billable time for the business.

If you give someone a cheque be patient and let them cash it when they can. OK, if the cheque hasn't cleared within a month it is fine to ask about it but until that month is up let them deal with it without being reminded. A cheque either personal or professional is only one piece of paper that someone is dealing with.

I understand that your bank book may not balance for a couple of weeks but remember the longer I don't cash your cheque the longer the money is in your bank.