Friday, July 15, 2011

Eating out and children

This last week, we decided to go out for a nice and relaxing dinner at a local restaurant that we enjoy.

Remember, I did say relaxing dinner.  It was nice and relaxing until some people were seated near us and the entire experience changed.  The table was two mothers and two little girls (maybe around 3–4 years old).  As soon as I saw the way one of the mother's talked to her daughter, I knew we were in for some trouble.  Within minutes, the little girls were running up and down the restaurant and were only told "don't run".  This warning was told to them after they almost ran into a server carrying drinks on a tray.

The "don't run" turned into two girls on their tip toes almost running around for quite a while and also screaming.  Again, "don't run" was warned to them, but it took quite a while before the other mother finally got up and got the girls to come back near their table.

When people go out for dinner with children, I know that the children get bored, but please ensure that you have something for the children to do to keep them entertained at your table.  I have seen some parents bring portable DVD players or iPads so that the children can watch videos to keep them happy, and I know as another guest in the restaurant I also appreciate this. 

I know it's hard to keep children entertained through a meal, but please remember parents that other people are also going out to enjoy their meal.

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