Monday, April 9, 2012

Lessons learned

This last little while things have been extremely busy for me and part of it was, I was learning how to manage a major project that I was project manager but also the person doing the work.  I must admit that some days were better than others.  I have learned a lot through this process, and now it's time to sit back and document what I learned and things I can improve on next time I do this.

I did learn the importance of having a list of all the tasks that lay ahead of you, as well as a deadline.  I almost missed the deadline, but am happy to say that I was able to complete the project on time.  Now over the next couple of weeks it will be fine-tuning the work done, but at least the major project is done and implemented.

What I have learned through all of this is that sometimes you need to sit back and look at things a number of different ways, otherwise you will get lost and miss a lot of steps.  Having someone that you can talk things over with really does help, and you can learn from each other as you go along.  Yes, I was the person doing the work for the most part, but I did have my partner around to bounce ideas off of as well as learn from.

Now it's time to look at all the other things that I have to complete and work on getting things reorganized so that I can accomplish everything else that needs my attention.  I have learned a lot and still have things to learn, but one major project is now complete so now onto the next.

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