Monday, June 4, 2012

Escaping Your Daily Routine

How often can you tell what day it is because of what you are doing?  For some people, that is their routine, and they are happy with it.  Other people cannot handle a routine like that, as they need variety.  I, for one, fall somewhere in the middle, I like a routine sometimes but also like variety in a schedule.

There are times when a routine helps get the mandatory things completed, and sometimes, they are determined by others.  A routine can also result in the inability to accomplish things because it just the same things over and over.

In some cases, just escaping your daily routine can enable you to accomplish so much more.  it may mean doing things in a different order or even in a different location if that is possible.  This escape is a way of seeing what needs to be done in a different light and maybe seeing a different way of doing things.

For me, I escape my routine by doing my work in different locations when possible.  The variety of locations means that I can see the tasks differently and sometimes change what I have always done.  A different location can also mean new ideas are generated.

Escaping your daily routine is important at different times to ensure you can recharge your internal battery.  The escaping of your daily routine is one reason, so many companies force vacation time for their employees.  Yes, you may come back from vacation to a lot of work, but at least you escaped your daily routine for a bit.

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