Sunday, October 21, 2012


I am sitting here thinking about all the different blog entries that I want to complete. Yes, lots of ideas and of course now I just need to sit down and write all these different blogs.

One of the biggest challenges about writing the blogs is actually sitting down and writing. I quite often say I am going to write, and then I let something else get in the way. I keep saying I want to write more, but I am the one that isn't letting it happen.

It is amazing to read blogs where others are saying exactly the same thing. People want to write, but of course we let things get in the way. I have so often said I was going to set aside an hour each day to write, but of course other things come up, and my own writing gets put aside.

I know I have some goals that I have set for myself in regard to writing, so the other way I am going to achieve these goals is to write.

It's time for me to start putting my writing back on the schedule instead of letting it slide off. Now I need to remember that writing is a part of me, and I do want to achieve me writing goals.

Time to go and write for a bit longer and maybe see how much I can accomplish today.

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