Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cars and drivers

How often have you been out in a car and actually told a car off because of the behaviour of the car and driver. Of course, the car cannot hear you, and of course the drive can't hear you as well. It is fun sometimes to listen to what you actually say to the cars and drivers. I know one of the conversations I had was this morning. A car was in the way and of course I started talking to the other car. “Will you just decide where you are going and go because you are in the way.”

OK, as I said, yes, I have talked to cars wanting them to behave different, and I know that isn't going to happen. Maybe what I am really trying to do is release off the stress that I could end up storing up if I didn't react in someway. Yes, I know that my husband gets a good laugh because of the one-way conversations that I have with cars. No, the car isn't going to change what it's doing because it is actually the driver that is causing the car to behave like it is. So really what I am trying to do is get the car and driver to behave in a way that I think it should be behaving.

Of course, I am not sure why the car is behaving like it is, and there could be very good reasons. In some cases, the driver may not know exactly where they are going, or they could be issues with the car that I don't know about. So, maybe I should try and not talk to cars and try and figure out other ways of dealing with the stress I get when cars are in my way.

So next time a car gets in your way, instead of talking to the car, maybe you should take the couple of seconds delay as time to think of pleasant thoughts. Now, I just have to remember to actually practice the pleasant thinking instead of talking to the cars.

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  1. but your talking to those other vehicles is fun. especially when you do that to pedestrians when the sun roof is open ;)