Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Following Other People's Blogs

I am one of those that enjoys reading a variety of different blogs. In my blog list I have some craft sites, IT sites, general thinking sites and even some writing sites. It is a lot of fun to see how often people post on the various blogs. Some individuals post on an almost daily basis and others seem to post whenever.

For me, what is interesting is those that start a blog and on their first post they state how often they are going to post. I think the best thing is before you can state how often you are going to post is actually get into a routine of posting first. Once your routine is established, then you might think about posting something about when people can expect posts. For me, I know that I have set a goal of posting around 4 times a month, but sometimes all my posts are near the end of the month and other times the posts are spaced out. It all depends on what time I have for writing the posts and when ideas for the posts come to me.

For me, reading other individuals blogs helps inspire me to write my own blog more often, and it is also a great way to see different writing styles. Some blogs always have pictures attached, and other blogs never have a picture attached. I know that this blog doesn't normally have pictures, but when I find that the blog is enhanced by a picture, I will include one.

A blog is a great communication device, and for me, it is also a means of keeping track of my thoughts and making them easily accessible to even me. I know I have looked up something I have written on a blog, and it has helped me explain something to someone else. My blogs are my way of expressing my thoughts to others.

Off to read a couple more blogs today.

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