Friday, July 19, 2013

Escaping with music

I am one of those individuals that sometimes needs to hide and enjoy some relaxing music to refocus and be able to get back to everything that life has been throwing at me.

Today is one of those days when I am sitting and listening to some of the music that helps me forget about everything around me and regain my focus. I do like a variety of music but when I am feeling a little lost you will hear me listening to:
      Il Divo
      The Tenors (originally named The Canadian Tenors)
      Josh Groban
      Michael Buble or
      John McDermott

The other thing that I have found very useful is having a nice pair of ear-bud noise-cancelling headphones. I have used my headphones sometimes when I just need to focus and don't even have music playing because it cancels out a lot of the difference sounds that are going on around me.

Everyone is different in how they can regain their focus, and for me, it is my music. I have known individuals that will go for a long walk to regain their focus, and other people will exercise or just sit quiet. For me, listening to the music and escaping all the other sounds around me has helped me learn how to relax and how to tune out all the other things.

Whatever your escape you need to figure it out and when life gets a little crazy you just need to do it.

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