Monday, December 23, 2013

Ice Storm 2013

This past Saturday evening, the Toronto area was hit by a major ice storm. The storm has resulted in hundreds of thousands of homes without power. The trees around the city couldn't handle the weight of the ice, and the old trees breaking brought down the power lines.

It has been a challenge for everyone in the city over the last couple of days to manage due to no power or knowing someone that has lost their power. Today we were out for a bit to try and assist in getting the family some supplies only to discover that all the salt, deicer, batteries, and flashlights were sold out. Of course, everyone figures that they live in a city, so batteries and flashlights are something that we normally have to think about. I am glad that we had some batteries, so they can be used in the flashlights that the family has.

As I am writing this there is still almost 200,000 customers in the city of Toronto without power, and it is almost 42 hours since the power first went out for some people.

To everyone that is working to restore power to the city, THANK YOU, and know that you are appreciated. For those that are without power, I hope you will get your power back soon. To everyone, stay safe.

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