Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dealing with People

Over the last couple of days, I have had to deal with an individual that is rather difficult to deal with. She figures that she knows everything and when she needs help, she can just knock on our door, and we will jump. This woman, lives across the hall from us and most of the time doesn't talk to me. She will walk by me in the hall without even a simple hello, but when she has an issue, she figures we have to help her out. She has also tried to force herself through a door in our lobby that I opened for myself to go through.

Yesterday she knocked on our door twice trying to get us to help her deal with a notice that she received and one that we didn't receive. Why should I jump to help someone that is demanding and very unfriendly. Yesterday, we heard the superintendent at her door and this woman gets very defensive. Of course, being like that doesn't make things go will with the superintendent or even the property management.

Today she knocked at our door demanding some information about some inspection that took place yesterday. It is none of her business how our unit is dealt with. We are friendly with the superintendent and everyone that works in our building because we know that helps everyone.

Dealing with this woman is always a challenge, and hopefully she will now learn that we cannot help her with her issue, and she has to deal with it herself. There are so many times that when she knocks, she wants to know if we have heard noises from the unit above her. We are in a concrete building, so it is difficult to hear noises across the hall.

If people want others to help them out, they need to be friendly. I will help people that are nice to us all the time, but won't help people that only talk to me when they need my help.

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