Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter weather

Have you noticed that we are hearing one phrase a lot right now, “I am tired of winter”? So many of us have been dealing with the freezing temperatures and lots of snow for long enough this year. Yes, there is still 5 weeks before the official start of spring, but it would be nice for it to start a littler earlier than that.

As I write this, I am looking out my window and looking at the roofs of apartment buildings, and they are all white. It does get a bit tiring of seeing so much white around us during the winter. I know that we have had it easy for the last few years, so I guess we are getting payback for those good years.

I decided that one thing I could do to help me and those around me feel a little better was to start wearing brighter clothes for a few days. Yes, when you look at your winter wardrobe if you are like me, you will notice a lot of duller colours on the hangers. I have lots of greys, blues, and such. I do have a couple of tops that do have some brighter colours, so have pulled them out and started wearing them. Maybe that is what more people need to do.

There are so many people that say they don't like the hot weather, but I would rather have the hot weather than the freezing temperatures, snow and ice.  Maybe if some of the snow would melt just a bit, it might help me feel like the winter isn't so bad.

So, if you are like me and getting very tired of this dull weather, why not put on a brighter top and see how that makes you and those around you feel.

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