Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 202

So what is the importance of day 202, well July 21st is the 202 day of 2014 for one thing.

The more important thing for me is that is the number of days I have written in 2014 so far.  Yes I have written each day in 2014 without missing any day so that is a major achievement for me.  I know that I don't blog each day but at least I do some writing in my journal everyday which is wonderful.

I am finding that writing has given me the opportunity to deal with issues a whole lot easier than before.  I was one of those people that let things bother me and then I would get really upset but now I am finding that by writing each day I am able to deal with the issues when they are smaller and they don't upset me as much anymore.

Ok, I may not always reach the 500 words each day but at least I am finding that by writing each day my writing is getting easier to do.  The blank page doesn't scare me like it did before because I know that I will be able to deal with it quickly.

My goal was to be able to write for 100 days without missing a day. I have more than doubled that goal so now to just take one day at a time and if something happens and I miss a day I will be disappointed but I know I will just start writing the next day and move forward. 

To those that don't think they could write each day, set a small goal of writing for one week each day and then keep extending that goal and you will be surprised as where you can go with it.

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